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Development of FORESTILL® Bandsaw Steel

MFLS Forezienne's development of FORESTILL® bandsaw blading comes from many years of trials and tests conducted in real operating conditions. The FORESTILL® range can handle the various loads and stresses required in the highest of production environments. Strict manufacturing controls ensure the highest quality and performance of the blades. Adapted to suit all types of band saw blades for wood, its ductility and toughness is suitable for setting or swaging. Its very good wear resistance enables a better cutting strength. A high impact line gives it a sufficient elasticity to avoid cracks in the tooth gullet. Its perfect polished bright surface, flatness and straightness guarantee an easy and lasting servicing. FORESTILL® Bandsaw Blades available in Toothed and Welded, Swaged, Stellite Tipped, TCT 200 Sawing System (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) or Hypercut (Thin Kerf). Each blade can be individually designed to suit your sawing application. Give us a call on 0800 425 574 to discuss your requirements today. Read more...