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Products and Services

At ASL Industries our core business is; industrial blade sales and sharpening.We are dedicated to stocking the highest quality, best performing cutting products, so you can feel confident when buying from us. With over 40 years experience in the industry ASL’s team have the ability to problem solve if anyone has cutting issues. Many of our existing customers having been with the company for over 25 years.

Blade Sharpening

ASL offers a full sharpening service of blades used for all industrial and domestic applications. Running an ongoing maintenance programme for our customers; literally monitoring blades on a daily basis across a wide range of industries. Maintenance and performance monitoring of blades is an important aspect of any companies production. ASL’s programme can often detect small issues early on that could escalate if ignored.

National Pickup and Delivery Service

We run a nationwide industrial blade pickup and delivery service. Delivering repaired and new blades as quickly as possible to minimise downtime.


Sharpening of Paper cutting guillotine blades, chipper and veneer knives, granulator and shear blades, planner blades, all ground on our German gockel Knife Grinder.

Profile Knives

Manufactured and sharpened on a Weinig Inhead grinder.

BOC Gas Exchange Agent

Where you can collect your gas and equipment.

Sawshop Training

We provide our customers with the opportunity to have their sawshop staff trained on site by fully qualified Saw Doctors.

Circular Saws

Our Vollmer CHC250 enables us to offer accurate sharpening of a huge range of tooth profiles for both sawmilling and furniture and joinery industries.


Vollmer Company, based in Germany, offeres a full range of sharpening machines for the all different requirements of sawmilling. From the basic Manual sharpening machine up to the CNC machine for industrial application. Vollmer machines are recognized for their high accuracy, ease of use and long life.


IDEAL Company, based in Lippstadt in Germany, specialises in the production of welding machines for industrial applications. IDEAL is constantly innovating in order to offer more sophisticated solutions.


Göckel is a German specialist manufacturer for high precision industrial machines for machining and sharpening of steel knives. Through the years Göckel has become the leading manufacturer of knife sharpening machines for the printing, chipping, peeling or wood industries.


A wide variety including swaged, varipitch, stellite and TCT tipped. Ground on the latestVollmer CA350, 300, 200. Levelled using Vollmer RC110 automatic benching stations and Iseli Leveller. Stellite tipped on Vollmer Depomatic.

Quality Brand Products we Stock Include

IMMORTAL brand longlife blades: planner blades, chipper knives, granulator and shear blades.

Forestill Bandsaw Blades: Hypercut (Thin Kerf Blading) TCT 200 Sawing System with Tungsten carbide tips, swaged and stellite. All designed specifically for your cutting application.

Lenox Industrial Bandsaw blading: Holesaws and Irwin powertool accessories. Circular Saw blades for sawmilling, furniture & joinery, timber remanufacturing and building industries.

Precision Grinding, Sawshop anvils, planner beds and fences refurbished. Timber remanufacturing: Tooling, finger joint cutters, grooving cutters, LV cutters, Indexable Knives.

Drill Bits: Masonry & Twist drills, double end panel drills, step drills, screw extractors, countersinks.

Routerbits & Rotor broaches, taps & dies.

Total Lubricants: gear & hydraulic Oil, transmission fluid, truck oil, grease cartridges. and guns, chainbar oil.

Arlube: grease guns, oil pumps, air hose reels.

Grease Monkey: Industrial degreaser.

Bessey German engineered clamping solutions.

Komelon Tape measures.

Zeosoft Eco friendly heavy duty hand cleaner.

Printing supplies: guillotine blades, trimmer knives, cutting sticks, wire bookbinding closures.

BOC Welding equipment & consumables, welding wire, welding helmets, gloves, regulators, flash arrestors, gas exchange agent, safety gear, glasses, gloves, Earmuffs, Hi Vis, boots, respirators, Fire extinguishers and more.

Norton grinding wheels and abrasives. Dixbro Wire brushes.

Talus Industrial brushware.