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FORESTILL TCT 200 Bandsaw System


FORESTILL steel has been specially and exclusively designed to produce band saw blades for wood. Made from a very pure ore, its production is based on very strict technical data. From the quality of casting, to warm then cold rolling through several hardening and annealing operations controls at every stages of production as well as a deep final inspection, ensures the highest quality level. Adapted to all types of band saw blades for wood its ductility, its toughness is suitable for setting or swaging. Its very good wear resistance enables a better cutting strength. A high impact line gives it a sufficient elasticity to avoid cracks in the tooth gullet. Its perfect polished bright surface, flatness and straightness guarantee an easy and lasting servicing.

FORESTILL Stellite Bandsaw Blades available in Standard and High Tensile Steel manufactured to your own specifications.

Call us today to have a chat with one of our experienced Saw Doctors to discuss your needs. The team at ASL are firmly dedicated in ensuring your getting your cutting and production needs met.

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