Welding respirator starter kit, ideal for working in hot and humid conditions or prolonged use.
Includes a 3M Half Face 7500 Series Respirator with special Cool Flow valve and soft silicone material. Applications/hazards include: Welding- fume/ozone; Soldering/Brazing- fume; Grinding/Polishing- metal dust and particles; Drilling- metal particles; Metal Pouring- fume; Machining- oil mist.

Kit includes:
1 x 3M Half Face Respirator 7500 Series- Medium
1 x pair of 3M Particle and Metal Fume Filters 2128, GP2
4 x 3M Respirator Cleaning Wipes 504
1 x 3M Skull Screws Earplugs P1300, Class 5
1 x 3M Respiratory Protection Guide
1 x Handy Storage Container