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BOC Gas Saver Alumina TIG Cup – Series 17, 18, 26 Torch – 1.6mm – 3.2mm


A gas saver alumina TIG cup suitable for use with Series 17, 18 and 26 TIG torches, available in a range of sizes.

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Pack of 5 BOC Gas Saver Alumina TIG Cup to Suit 17, 18, 26 Series Torch

The unique BOC design gas saver kits ensures complete gas coverage of the TIG tungsten even on extended stick out.

Gas saver kits eliminate excessive turbulence in the gas flow that could lead to air entrapment in the weld bead. Saves your gas and offers better a weld finish.

The purpose of gas lens is to make the shielding gas exit the nozzle as a colum instead of a turbulent stream of gas that begins to spread out after exiting. The colum of gas allows the electrode to stick out farther for visibility allowing for better access to the weld area and a reduction in gas flow.

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Consumable Size

1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm

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