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Pico 160 Cel Puls VRD


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The EWM Pico 160 cel puls VRD offers a large mains voltage tolerance range between –40% and +15% for problem-free operation with generators and mains leads up to 100 m in length. Light at only 4kg, it’s perfect for welding thick to thin material. The package consists of:

  • Power source
  • Electrode holder
  • Work return lead
  • Primary cable with plug
  • It has an adjustable hot start function which allows for excellent ignition without the electrode sticking
  • This machine offers a steady arc for all electrode types and is completely safe for vertical down welding of cellulose electrodes
  • VRD (voltage reduction device) that reduces open circuit voltage to safer levels
  • This machine offers TIG lift arc functionality without tungsten inclusions

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