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Silicone Sealing Compound


For sealing oil and transmission pans, engine housings, differentials, valve covers, water pumps, spur gear covers, headlamps, taillamps, battery boxes, etc. For metal parts, plastic and glass
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High-quality and easy-to-use silicone-based sealing compound. The automatic cartridge removes the need for a cartridge gun when processing. With outstanding resistance to cold, heat and aging. Stays permanently elastic and is resistant to chemicals, oils, etc. Can withstand temperatures from -40 °C to +250 °C (short periods up to +300 °C).
Product NameSKUBundleLanguages
Silicone Sealing Compound, black617780 ml Cartridge plasticD-GB-F-ARAB
Silicone Sealing Compound, black763980 ml Cartridge plasticRUS-UA
Silicone Sealing Compound, black6185200 ml Can aerosolD-GB-F-I-E-NL-P
Silicone Sealing Compound, black2859200 ml Can aerosolGB-DK-FIN-N-S

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