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Taurus 405 Basic TDM VRD Package


Taurus 405 Basic TDM MIG Welder is a high-precision, powerful welding machine for heavy industrial use.

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Taurus 405 Basic TDM MIG welding machine features high-precision, powerful EWM eFeed 4-roll wire feed mechanism for secure feeding of all solid and flux cored wires up to 2.4 mm. Electricity savings thanks to highly efficient performance and standby function. Package includes:

  • Power source
  • Drive 4 basic wire feeder
  • 70 sqmm 10M G 19pol intermediate hose package
  • Trolly 55-5 DM
  • ON Trolly 55
  • MT401G 3M EZA M8 torch
  • Work return lead
  • Regulator

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