The Lube Shuttle system is very simple, but greatly improves the efficiency of greasing operations.

Loading could not be simpler or quicker, just screw off the cap, insert into the gun and twist to lock.

No need to pull the gun apart, pull open tabs, or mess around with plungers.

Conventional grease cartridges normally have a percentage of grease retained that is not reached by normal grease guns. The Lube Shuttle delivers every last gram of grease getting greater efficiency from each cartridge, which in addition is a cost saving exercise and an environmentally sound practice. The open bottom cavity of the Lube Shuttle also enables the user to see what quantity of grease is left in the tube, facilitating more efficient work practices.

The Lube Shuttle Grease Gun is a one handed pistol- grip type. It is manufactured with a zinc plated steel barrel and a solid cast iron head. When used with the ridged grease pipe and coupler, lubrication is a breeze. Easy to hold one handed, simply push onto the nipple and give the handle 6-10 squeezes.

Style: Trigger