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Xtreme Quickcore Builders 13pc


BLU-MOL XTREMES QUICK CORE patented new innovative hole saw system eliminates the #1 operator issue with traditional hole saws. The Quick Core patented hole saw system allows for quick & easy plug removal, saving valuable time & effort. Simply swap from one Quick Core hole saw size to another in a matter of seconds.

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Xtreme Quickcore Builders 13pc

13 Piece set
Contains: 20MM, 22MM, 25MM, 32MM, 35MM, 40MM, 51MM, 60MM, 64MM, 1 x QC MANDREL, 2 x Pilot Drills, 1 x Hex Key

» Up to 10x faster core ejection
» Change out hole saws FAST without the use of any tools
» Aggressive 10 degree positive tooth angle for faster and smoother cuts
» Wide diamond slots and open back mandrels allow for increased visibility and cooling
» Exclusive open back design allows for easy plug removal
» M42 bi-metal construction to cutting into wood, metal, plastic and stainless steel
» QUICK CORE mandrel fits all QUICK CORE hole saw sizes

» 1-7/8 depth of cut
» M42/Cobalt material
» Quick change sleeve with 3 pin locking system
» 10 degree positive tooth angle
» For use with the QuickCore Hole Saw System

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